Yoga and Wellness

Yoga Class Schedule

Divine Flow

Put worship into motion with this Christian- themed yoga class. If you have been hesitant to try yoga because you fear it’s misaligned with your faith, or if you want to deepen your experience and relationship with God, this yoga class is for you.

Class will follow a typical vinyasa flow format, but will include Christian references. Start the class meditating on a bible verse. Discover how the body can become an instrument of worship; opening you up to the divine flow of the Holy Spirit and allowing you to experience the peace and joy that comes from communion with God.  All levels of practitioners are welcome.  This is a specialty class that will appear periodically on our schedule.

Mindful Flow

A moderate vinyasa flow class that invites mindful awareness into the physical practice of yoga.  It’s like getting a yoga class and life coaching session all in one.  Develop strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, and focus.  Not only will you feel like you got a workout, but you’ll walk away with a centered mind and nourished spirit.  Modifications are offered and props are available to make class accessible to all levels of practitioner.  Class ends with a final relaxation and optional aromatherapy temple massage.


A gentler class that places emphasis on stretching, balance, and relaxation over building strength.  While we do some flow, the pace is slower and there is less “up/down” than in a traditional vinyasa flow class.  Emphasis is placed on turning your yoga practice into a moving meditation.  Breath work (pranayama) and restorative poses are often incorporated. Class concludes with a final relaxation/meditation and optional aromatherapy temple massage.


A class designed to soothe the mind and body. We will be doing a series of supported poses (no exertion necessary in this class) combined with mindful breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and allow for deep relaxation. There will be short seated meditations before and after the sequence. All levels of experience welcome.

Yoga for Beginners

Perfect for those new to yoga and who want to start with the very basics.  We will cover simple breathing techniques and review alignment and positioning for the most common yoga postures.  Brief discussion of yoga philosophy and exposure to meditation will also be included, although the primary focus will be learning the physical aspects of the practice.

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