Yoga and Wellness


My newsletters are intended to inspire, energize, and provide helpful tools so you can live well and thrive.  I have purposely kept the scope of my newsletter topics broad, as I feel that wellness is a holistic concept and we can tackle wellness challenges from different angles.

March 2018 – Allow the “Wow!” and Space for Grace

November 2017 – Living Life Aligned

September 2017 – Investing: Soul Style

July 2017 – Wellfinity 2.0 – Transition, Transformation, & a Time to Up-Level

December 2016 – How Yoga Saved My Life

May 2016 – Living with Purpose

April 2016 Newsletter – Reflections on Living Wholeheartedly

February 2016 – The Oreo vs. Kale Dilemma

January 2016 – Persistence Despite Resistance

December 2015 – Living in Bold Abundance in 2016

October 2015 – Lessons in Wellness from Unlikely Sources

September 2015 – Life Give You a Lemon?  What to do When all you Want to Make is a Lemon Drop Martini

July 2015 – The Powerful Wellness Resource You’re Most Likely Overlooking

June 2015 – Five Common Mistakes that Could be Negatively Impacting Your Wellness

May 2015 – Lessons from Your Soul

April 2015 – Busting the Balance Myth

March 1, 2015 – The #1 Secret to Living an Abundantly Well Life

Jan. 30 2015 – The Ultimate Formula for Living Well & Thriving

January 9, 2015 – How to Avoid the New Year’s Resolution Pitfall

Hope for 2015

December 2014 – Spirit of the Season

November 2014 – Unleash the Power of Gratitude

October 2014 – The Stealth Wellness Weapon

September 2014 10 Ways to Boost Happiness

August 2014 Transitions: Fight, Flee or Flow?

July 2014 – Time to Play

June 2014 – I’m a Survivor!

May 2014 –  Tending the Spirit

April 2014 – Spring “Cleaning”

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