Yoga and Wellness

Our Staff

Shelly Carpenter

Shelly is the owner of Wellfinity,  a company dedicated to empowering people to be the healthiest version of themselves in mind, body, and spirit.   She enjoys helping her clients discover there are an infinite number of small choices they can make each day to enhance their wellness.  In addition to being a yoga instructor, Shelly is a certified wellness coach and has undergone Level 1 and 2 Reiki Healing training.

Shelly’s love affair with yoga began 17 years ago when she realized how much yoga helped her relieve back pain and manage stress.   She has relied heavily upon a yoga practice as a means of building strength and coping with loss, health set-backs including cancer, and life’s challenges.    She views yoga as a way of living and a powerful tool for achieving holistic wellness.  She has been teaching since 2006 and attained her 200-hour yoga certification from Serenity Yoga & Pilates in Iowa City.  Shelly teaches a vinyasa (flow) style of yoga with a focus on alignment and mindfulness.  She is passionate about bringing this life-changing practice to as many people as possible and believes that it should be accessible to people of varying levels of fitness.   As a result, she offers modifications so students can individualize their yoga practice and get the most benefit from it.   Shelly’s playful yet peaceful approach  will have you walking out of class feeling as if you worked your muscles, but also calmed your mind and nourished your spirit.