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The mayor of Coralville, John Lundell, shares his experience with Wellfinity Private Yoga.



Sue-F.-headshot“I sought the services of a wellness coach to assist me in more clearly defining and achieving a few personal goals. Despite my own best efforts, I felt that I was “spinning my wheels” and not making the progress that I had hoped for. The weekly coaching meetings, as well as the ongoing “homework” assignments, helped keep me focused and provided me with the accountability I needed. At the same time, I felt a true sense of partnership every step of the way.  Shelly demonstrated the ability to help me identify clear and measureable long-term goals, as well as break them down into achievable steps.  As a result of Shelly’s insightful coaching, I’ve noticed a subtle shift in my thinking. I’m starting to feel more empowered, as opposed to a “victim” of my circumstances.  I can take control and be mindful of the choices I make in food, use of time, and mental outlook which all help to cultivate wellness and create balance in my life.  Throughout our work together I stabilized my weight, explored new forms of exercise, developed a “bank” of healthy recipes as well as organization systems, and started meditating more regularly.   With the small shift in thinking and new habits I find I have increased productivity, energy, sense of contentment and inner calm.  Shelly has provided me with a “toolbox” of strategies to utilize in the future when new ideas and challenges come my way and I feel more confident I can tackle them when they do.” – Sue F.

“I really appreciate Shelly’s approach to wellness – addressing body, mind and spirit.  This helps me so much in healing from breast cancer and treatment.  Some days I still deal with fatigue, and she encourages me to take well-rounded, small steps in my recovery.  She also reminds me to prioritize, remembering that I don’t have to accomplish everything at once, but each day I can do something to facilitate my wellness.  This process has shifted my outlook.  I’m able to take more ownership of my health than I have before.  It’s been a blessing to partner with her.” – Le H.

” I have been doing personal yoga sessions with Shelly since September 2014 and have been very pleased with the results.  My overall flexibility has increased significantly.  I have greater range of motion, especially in my shoulders and hips, and have noticed that I am not as sore from my regular workouts like I used to be before yoga.  Each session is developed to meet my individual needs and fitness level.  Shelly is an exceptional instructor who has a gentle and soothing way of teaching yoga that helps keep your mind focused and calm.  I always leave our sessions feeling lighter, healthier, and more at peace.  I highly recommend personal yoga with Shelly for anyone with or without yoga experience. ” – Colleen R.

Kari-headshot“The word that keeps coming to mind is “peace”.  That is what I have found in my yoga sessions with Shelly. The physical practice is a part of it, but most of all when I walk in that door I know that for an hour I can put aside all the challenges of life and find some peace that not only helps me for that hour, but in my life. Yoga provides me a direction and reminds me of the simple things that will make life better for me and the people around me. Without that, I’m not sure it is possible to find wellness. For the first time I’ve realized I’m important and it’s ok to take care of me so I can be stronger for the people who need me. Through her instruction, Shelly has helped me create a positive change in the way I have viewed life. She is really talented and her understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of yoga have impacted me so much.” – Kari B.

“I have found Shelly’s yoga class to be a great way to improve my physical condition and flexibility.  It is the way she tailors each session to the specific needs of the participants that makes all the difference to me.  She offers multiple options for various poses, so each person has an appropriate experience, suitable for each individual’s capabilities for that day.  I spend my working days sitting at a desk, working on a computer.  Over a couple of decades, this has taken a toll, particularly on my posture and flexibility.  These physical limitations have been problematic in my main leisure-time activity of ballroom and latin dancing.  Good dancing requires proper posture, strength, balance, and flexibility.  I credit her class — not just yoga in general, but her approach to teaching — for significant improvement in my physical condition and capabilities, which has led to significant improvement in my dancing abilities.  This makes dancing even more enjoyable, so Shelly’s yoga class is always on my calendar.”  –  D.H.

You can have a story like these to tell as well. 

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