Yoga and Wellness

Our Vision


When working with clients I draw from my experience as a cancer survivor, psychologist, yoga instructor, personal trainer, weight management consultant, wellness coach and mother.

B.S. in Psychology – University of Wisconsin-Madison 1994

Masters in Educational Psychology – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1998.

Yoga Fit certification 2006; 200-hour training through Serenity Yoga & Pilates 2011

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer 2009

NESTA Lifestyle & Weight Management Certification 2010

Wellcoaches Certified Health & Wellness Coach 2012

Reiki Level 1 & 2 2017

My Story

I have always felt called to help others.  The intricacies and complexity of the human mind fascinates me.  This led to my initial career in psychology. However, after working in the field for a number of years, I realized I wanted to focus less on what was wrong with people and more on helping people connect to their inherent wellness and live out their potential.  Especially people that have gone through challenging experiences who need support to reclaim their wellness. 

Changes in life circumstance can throw us out of balance, disempower us, and make us feel unwell.  Believe me. I have experienced health challenges such as cancer, loss of loved ones, career change, financial uncertainty, and divorce.  It’s easy to get out of whack.  But over time I’ve come to realize that as tough as these challenges were, there were blessings amidst adversity and there was a capacity for wellness.  The power for healing was already contained within me.  What was required was focus and putting practices into place that ignited my healing.  If I focused purely on the specific physical condition or personal crisis, I got anxious, depressed, and suffered.  However, if I focused on the degree of social support, how relationships deepened, the amount of learning that occurred, the mindful appreciation of little things, the  spiritual growth that these situations fostered, then I was well in many ways.

Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t control, I focused on what I could do to facilitate healing and wellness in body, mind, and spirit.  And I realized that I could do quite a lot! I have experienced the healing power and peace of yoga and reiki. I have experienced the power of wellness coaching myself and how it allowed me to explore possibilities and take action in ways that I never would have on my own. And I can honestly say my life has been drastically enriched because of it. I am happier. I am more hopeful.  I have healed some past trauma.  I am more confident that I can handle set-backs in any one area of wellness because I know I have strengths in other areas that will carry me through.

Why I Created Wellfinity

I firmly believe that there are an infinite number of small choices you can make each day to enhance your wellness and bring more happiness, energy, joy, and balance to your life.  Hence the name Wellfinity.  When we are well, we are more powerful forces in the world and are able to fulfill our purpose.  

Wellness is cultivated when we stay in the present moment, are surrounded by a supportive community, when we’re free to be ourselves, and are empowered to look through the lens of possibility.  That’s why I created Wellfinity and am so thrilled to offer the services I do.   To inspire you, support you, and provide a safe haven from the stresses of the world.  Let’s work together to reveal the radiant being that you are and create a life you love to live! 

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