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Wellness Coaching

Get started on your amazing transformation

Wellness coaching is typically done over the telephone, making it available to people anywhere.  Coaching is a great way to invest in yourself, with dividends to be paid in the form of energy, peace, happiness, and health.

Individual Wellness Coaching – Your Blueprint to Health

Successful people know the power of coaching.  They know it helps them fast-track to success and accomplish things above and beyond what they thought possible.

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities” – Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot

I want to help you experience success and live a life you love with vitality, joy, prosperity and meaning.

If you’re not getting the results you desire, are feeling stuck or frustrated, or are having a hard time staying motivated to change, then wellness coaching can help.  Let me help you live from a place of confidence rather than overwhelm and uncertainty.

In our work together we will:

  •  Help you develop an empowered and positive mindset
  •  Assess your wellness from a holistic and strengths-based perspective
  •  Create a vision of how you want to be and feel
  •  Help you stay motivated to take action towards your vision
  •  Develop a toolbox of strategies for coping with fatigue, stress, and feelings of fear and uncertainty
  •  Map out a plan of action so that you start making small changes that improve your wellness and overall quality of life

Wondering if coaching is right for you?  Here are what some former clients had to share on the topic:

“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Shelly. She helped me create specific goals, actions steps, and achieve more of what I wanted in my daily life.  If you are wanting to progress towards your life goals, or maybe even figure out what your goals are, then I would highly recommend working with Shelly.  I especially enjoyed the accountability that our sessions gave me and felt like they really kept me on-track.”  – Carey S.

Sue-F.-headshot“As a result of Shelly’s insightful coaching, I’ve noticed a subtle shift in my thinking. I’m starting to feel more empowered, as opposed to a “victim” of my circumstances.    I can take control and be mindful of the choices I make in food, use of time, and mental outlook which all help to cultivate wellness and create balance in my life…..   With the small shift in thinking and new habits I find I have increased productivity, energy, sense of contentment and inner calm.  Shelly has provided me with a “toolbox” of strategies to utilize in the future when new ideas and challenges come my way and I feel more confident I can tackle them when they do.”  – Sue F.

“I really appreciate Shelly’s approach to wellness – addressing body, mind and spirit.  This helps me so much in healing from breast cancer and treatment.  Some days I still deal with fatigue, and she encourages me to take well-rounded, small steps in my recovery.  She also reminds me to prioritize, remembering that I don’t have to accomplish everything at once, but each day I can do something to facilitate my wellness.   I’m able to take more ownership of my own health than I have been before.  It’s been a blessing to partner with her.”  – Le H.

Initial Breakthrough Coaching Session – $99

Get started with this 60-90 minute session where we will:

  • Assess your wellness from a holistic perspective
  • Identify strengths as well as areas to address for change
  • Connect you to your key motivators and values
  • Create a vision for how you want to be and feel
  • Map out a specific 3-month action plan to get you in motion towards your vision.

Come away feeling focused, motivated, and confident.

Coaching Packages

Keep the momentum that you created in your initial breakthrough session going with a coaching package.  When you make a 3-month commitment you get the following BONUSES:

  • Email support in between coaching sessions
  • Live well & thrive!  journal template
  • Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated report
  • Personalized vision guided meditation (audio recording)

3 Month Coaching Package – 12 sessions (one every week)
3 Month Coaching Package – 6 sessions (two times per month)

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Group Wellness Coaching

Gather a group of friends to enjoy a  form of wellness coaching that is more affordable than individual coaching yet still provides you with the support and accountability to help you make change happen.  Group coaching can be done over the telephone or in person.  Minimum number of people required for a group is 6.


Dedicate a whole day to your own wellness to dive deep and jumpstart change.  Walk away feeling empowered, confident, pampered, and energized!

We work together from 9-3pm. We’ll start the day with a breakthrough coaching session that will have you feeling excited, hopeful, and motivated.  Step away with a clear plan for how to change situations in your life that are only causing you frustration, pain, and suffering so you can experience more ease, peace, and happiness in your life.  From there you set the agenda on what would help you get off and running towards wellness.

Options could include but are not limited to:

  • yoga
  • personal training
  • navigating the grocery store for healthy choices
  • massage (additional expense)
  • healthy meal planning
  • cooking instruction
  • meditation
  • organization strategies
  • stress management techniques.

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