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Cancer Wellness

The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Solution

Are you sick of having cancer rule your life or define you?  


Helping those affected by cancer is a cause I am passionate about.  Having lost a grandmother, father, and brother to the disease as well as having had melanoma myself, I know the devastation the disease can cause and how it can take over your life. There are few scarier words to hear than “You have cancer.”  Fear rushes in and your future seems uncertain.  Perhaps you’re a survivor like me, but the threat of cancer returning is always there in the background haunting you. If you’re not intentional about where you focus your thoughts and energy, cancer can become the prominent focus in your life. But have hope. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can bring a sense of balance back to your life. Start by recognizing that cancer is just one piece of your wellness “puzzle” and that you play an active role in your own healing of body, mind, and spirit.

I’m not saying there won’t be times when you feel overwhelmed, tired, or in pain. What I am saying is that you don’t have to stay stuck there. And you don’t have to do it alone. As your wellness coach or yoga instructor I will help you move beyond your diagnosis so you can experience a higher quality of life filled with purpose, health, peace, increased comfort and energy.

Are you ready to stop being a victim of cancer and start taking charge of your own wellness? Are you open to a holistic view of wellness and the perspective that there are things within your control that can increase the quality of your life, likelihood of beating cancer, and staying cancer free?

If so, then I would love to work with you! My goal is to provide you a motivating experience filled with empathy, hope, and support as you navigate through life during or after cancer.


Unleash your power to conquer cancer, improve how you feel, and increase the likelihood of staying cancer free by making changes to benefit your wellness.

The Anti-Cancer Blueprint: 6 Steps to Healing, Health, Power & Peace

I have created a signature program to empower you to be an instrument in your own healing of body, mind, and spirit.  Working together through the program, I will lead you through a 6-step process for cultivating wellness amidst a cancer diagnosis.

Themes include:

  1. Empowering you to take charge of your wellness
  2. Assisting you in processing your cancer experience to allow healing to occur (physically, mentally, emotionally and perhaps even spiritually)
  3. Broadening your perspective so that cancer isn’t the center of your world and teaching you a key shift that allows you to experience more joy and peace
  4. Teaching you strategies that cultivate peace and decrease stress and/or pain
  5. Inspiring you to create purpose and meaning in your life
  6. Leading you through the planning and implementation of lifestyle changes that increase your likelihood of healing, surviving, and thriving.

I lead individuals with cancer through the Anti-Cancer Blueprint within the context of individual or group wellness coaching.

Are you ready to begin feeling empowered and take back your life? Contact me using the form below for a free consultation and to find out more about the Anti-Cancer Blueprint program.

Yoga For Cancer

Yoga is a wonderful way to gently nurture yourself at any point during your cancer journey. It can provide the means for relaxing, easing tension and pain, connecting to your spiritual side, and stepping into your true self that is independent of any physical condition.

Research is beginning to study the healing effects of yoga for cancer patients.   Benefits can include:

  • Enhanced immune system functioning
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Improved energy levels
  • Fewer treatment-related side effects

As you move from preparation for treatment, to surgery or other forms of treatment, to recovery, your yoga practice should adjust to your needs. Private yoga is perfect for addressing these changing needs and insuring that you are getting the yoga practice that is most appropriate and beneficial for you at the time.

However, if private yoga isn’t for you I also offer 6-week Yoga for Cancer group classes on a periodic basis.

Remember. You are more than your diagnosis. You can heal. What you do can make a difference.

Contact me using the form below to take advantage of your FREE initial consultation and get your healing started!

P.S. Amidst this time of uncertainty, there is hope. As Lu Xun once said, “Hope is like a path in the countryside. Originally, there is nothing – but as people walk this way again and again, a path appears.” Let’s get started walking that path together! Be sure to sign up for my FREE consultation and newsletter.



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